Main Owner

  1. Stif  (Portuguese and Spanish)


  1. Abrahan dz.png (Italian, Spanish and Portuguese)
  2. Arthur  (Portuguese and Spanish)


  1. Crazy  (German)
  2. Duygu  (Turkish, German and Bosnian)
  3. Marek  (Polish)
  4. Mihai  (Romanian)
  5. Norman  (Spanish, French, Portuguese and Ukranian)
  6. Raven  (Romanian)
  7. Sevda  (Turkish and German)
  8. Zille  (German)


  1. Kriseto  (Bulgarian)
  2. Mr. Kriz  (Estonian)
  3. Lida  (Turkish)
  4. Lola  (Turkish)
  5. Lloyd  (Albanian)
  6. Sapphire dz.png (Romanian and Spanish)
  7. Tita  (Arabic, French, Spanish)

Staff members with a * next to their name are temporarily inactive or on hiatus.