xat Assistance

Official updates for the Assistance chatroom, including new staff and rules


Main Owner

  1. Raven  (Romanian and French)


  1. Novak  (Estonian and Russian)
  2. Sephiroth  (Romanian)


  1. Arthur  (Portuguese and Spanish)
  2. Duygu  (Turkish, German and Bosnian)
  3. Marek  (Polish)
  4. Mihai  (Romanian)
  5. MrKriz  (Estonian)
  6. Norman  (Spanish, French, Portuguese and Ukrainian)
  7. Tita  (Arabic, French, Spanish)
  8. Zille  (German)


  1. AXL  (Italian)
  2. Here  (Spanish, Galician, French)
  3. Mely  (French, Spanish)
  4. Tanya  (Turkish, Bulgarian)
  5. Viber  (Arabic)

Staff members with a * next to their name are temporarily inactive or on hiatus.