Users on Assistance don’t pay for ranks or win contests. They earn it by working hard and showing loyalty and dedication towards the chat.

How to Become a Staff Member

  • You must comply with our chat rules and ensure everyone else is doing so.
  • You must have at least basic knowledge of English. Although it’s an international chat, we use English to communicate between staff.
  • You must have no bad records on xat, such as breaking xat’s Terms of Service or our Chat Rules.
  • You must help users with their xat-related questions or concerns. This is a top determinant.


  • Regular visitors may be made temporary moderators when members are not available. They may or may not become a member based on their performance as a temporary moderator.
  • Members are made temporary moderators when moderators are not available. They may or may not become a moderator based on their performance as a temporary moderator.
  • Owners are rarely made and are only made when the main owner believes it’s necessary. Typically, they’re exceptional helpers who have been extremely dedicated to the chat for a long time.
  • Main owners are not currently being made, but when they are, they are chosen by the main owner or xat administrators.