xat Assistance

Official updates for the Assistance chatroom, including new staff and rules

Earning Ranks

Users on Assistance don’t pay for ranks or win contests. They earn it by working hard and showing loyalty and dedication towards the chat.

How to Become a Staff Member

  • You must comply with our chat rules and ensure everyone else is doing so.
  • You must have at least basic knowledge of English. Although it’s an international chat, we use English to communicate between staff.
  • You must have no bad records on xat, such as breaking xat’s Terms of Service or our Chat Rules.
  • You must help users with their xat-related questions or concerns. This is a top determinant.


  • The user must start being active on xat Assistance by helping and providing information, comply with the rules and have a good history in xat.com.
  • The user can start receiving temp mod after at least one week of activity.
  • After each mod temp, the user will make themself a guest or another staff guest them.
  • They will continue to receive temp for a minimum of one week until they becomes a permanent member, after which they no longer have to guestself.  At this point, they will be listed on the blog as a staff member.
  • They will continue to receive temp mod until they proves that they deserves to become a permanent moderator.
  • Moderators will not grant ranks.
  • The owners will not award ranks until after they have proposed the candidate in the owners + manager group, and that candidate has been approved.
  • Any inappropriate behavior in Chat Assistance or anywhere in xat.com, forum or affiliated sites, results in removal from staff.