xat Assistance

Official updates for the Assistance chatroom, including new staff and rules

Forever banned users

As an owner, you can forever-ban any user found doing major violation of rules at your own discretion. However, you are required to add them to the list below and provide a reason as to why you forever banned them.

  • Danny D – Goes on a different toon account everyday, and cuss the chat out.
  • iMix – Known raider.
  • Paradox – Known raider and bad user.
  • Sammy – Big troll who goes on toon accounts.
  • Sparky – Previous staff member who turned into a big troll, goes on toon accounts.
  • Zuhnny – Bad user.
  • Ab0ut (1510969260) – Releasing user’s personal information.
  • Mac – Major rules violations & threatening to release user’s personal information.
  • The toon who claims Sale is a scammer and doesn’t provide proof.
  • CalidianaNG2 (423356407) – Bad user, banned from most official chats at volunteer’s request.
  •  BLACKPEOPLEPOWER (1487915125) – Constantly trolls official chats and makes racist remarks.