Our rules page is currently available in fifteen languages. Our goal is to expand the number of supported languages as much as we can. Your help makes difference. Help us translating!


Wiki Translators are not obliged to translate chat rules, that’s why our rules page was discouraged from translation. If you’d like to translate it, you can do so by clicking here.


You will need a .po file, click here, select the language you’re translating to from the second drop-down menu. Tick the box “Export for off-line translation” and hit “Fetch”.

It’s not required, but very recommended to use Poedit to edit the .po file. You can also use other programs such as Notepad++ but Poedit is the most recommended.

After download the .po file, open it with your .po file editor and translate it, when you finish please double-check before send it to us.

If you’re using Notepad++, simply insert your translation of text displayed after “msgid” between the quotation marks that are followed by “msgstr“.

Once you’ve finished it, please review your translations email .po file to [email protected]. It should be reviewed within a few days, and if meets the quality we’re looking for, we’ll import it and you’ll be added to the list below.